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Who Comes to a Hesed Retreat?

Who runs Hesed Retreats?

Hesed Retreat teams are composed of persons from all walks of life.  The team is made up of Christians from many denominations and includes ministers, lay leaders, young and old, single and married, and people with and without disabilities.  The Hesed community is a group of people who have participated in a Hesed Retreat and/or a spiritual retreat in the tradition of Cursillo.  Members of the Hesed Community have a desire to share their experiences with others..

All participants and leaders are volunteers who love Jesus.  We want to share in telling the story of Jesus by using our own unique abilities..

Who attends a Hesed Retreat?

a first time participant (Guest) is

  • often a person with varying degrees of developmental disability  OR
  • a friend or family member or care provider of a person with disabilities
  • we hope all attendees want to learn about the life of Jesus AND make new friends.
  • Open the guest application…

a returning participant (Team Member)

  • is someone who has already been a participant in a weekend
  • who wants to help with a retreat.
  • wants to work hard so guests can feel God’s love throughout the weekend
  • Learn more about being a Team Member…

If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning about the life of Christ or enjoying fellowship with people with developmental disabilities and their friends/family we invite you to apply to attend a weekend and join the Hesed Community.


 How is Hesed Funded?

Hesed operates on a small budget.  Money to cover Hesed Retreat comes from the registration fees paid by guests and team members.  We also accept donations from individual donors.  A few churches and some of the other retreat groups have contributed to Hesed’s operation. No profit is earned off of the retreats and Hesed Retreats of NC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  All contributions are welcome and provide scholarships for guests and team members and/or provide for other weekend/community expenses.


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