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What Happens at the Retreat?

What happens on a Hesed weekend?

The Hesed Retreat begins 9 AM on Saturday and ends at 4 PM on Sunday.  During the weekend, we meet new friends, and join in wonderful music, worship, and discussions about the life of Christ. We dress in costumes like those that Jesus’ friends wore, and participate in a series of short dramas that will make everyone feel that we are walking and talking with Jesus throughout the important events of his life!  We have time for faith, fellowship, fun, and reflection.

Where did the idea for Hesed Retreat Come From?

The Hesed Retreat provides a hands-on experience designed to meet the learning needs of Christians with developmental disabilities.  It is a modified version of a Cursillo retreat.  Cursillo was the original retreat model developed by Roman Catholics that began in Spain.  It gradually migrated to other countries and has been adapted by several denominations: Via de Cristo (Lutheran), Pilgrimage (Presbyterian), Walk to Emmaus (Methodist), Arise or Chrysalis (youth), Kairos (Prison ministry) and others,   Hesed is an interdenominational retreat that is based on these many great traditions.

Where is this Retreat Held?

The HESED retreat is held at Camp Carefree, which is a fully accessible camp located near Stokesdale, NC.

Camp Carefree, 275 Carefree Lane, Stokesdale, NC 27357.


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